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Students of Anna university get approached by several shady people promising to pass them by the method of paper chasing. Anna University has several proper mechanisms in place to prevent anyone from chasing their exam papers and trying to fix the results. One such mechanism is the dummy number on the answer sheet. It is almost impossible to trace where a answer sheet will be evaluated.

Even in such a situation, fraudsters assure students that they can chase papers and clear the students’ arrear exams. Students should’t fall for this type of scam. The only ones benefiting from paper chasing are the fraudsters getting money from the students. When the result finally comes, the results will only contain the actual marks that the students got. This is a massive scam that is perpetrated by fraudster all over Tamilnadu on unsuspecting students.

A request to students

Don’t waste money on such fraudsters. Only way to pass Anna university exams is to study well. A best strategy to pass Anna university exams is to go for tuition with reputed teachers and studying previous question papers. 

So many fraudsters post online that they will chase answer papers and get the students. It is 100% guaranteed that they will cheat the students and escape with the money. Anna university should take action on such fraudsters through police.

Need more convincing?

Read this typical case of a student who attempted paper chasing.

I am a student of one of the affiliated colleges of Anna University and I made the biggest mistake of my life. I was a bright student in school, but once I joined my college (my college is affiliated to Anna University), I was made a slave, ill treated, insulted and eventually became depressed about my life. In my opinion most of the colleges affiliated to Anna University tend to treat their students as slaves and also harass them both mentally and physically. Due to all the unwanted stress in college my interest in studies was going down. In my final year of College I had 4 arrears. I was desparate to clear the papers, I was under pressure. But I was depressed and showed no interest in studies. Exams were nearing, thats when I meet a stranger in an online chatroom who claimed to do paper chasing in Anna University. I got tempted to do paper chasing since I had no interest in studies, I planned to do paper chasing for a few subjects but my crooked mind made me to pay for all the subjects. I paid that agent Rs.5000 per subject to do paper chasing. I met the agent in a public bus stand in Chennai and made the payment, the agent assured me that paper chasing was very easy to do and promied me that I will pass in all the subjects. The agent asked me to do specific markings in the front of my answer sheet so that they can identify my paper and asked me to fill up the answer sheet with stories. I did as he said.

Finally when the results came I failed in all the subjects, I realized that I was scammed. I called that paper chasing agent back he said that there was some mistake and gave some foolish reasons. I very well knew that this guy was a fraud scamming students by claiming that he can do paper chasing. I got what I deserved, what I did was wrong. I should have never tried to do paper chasing.

To help students, Contact Numbers website team has issued notices to all major websites that contain paper chasing related contact details to remove them or face legal action, since every contact is trying to scam the students and give them false hope and spoil the student’s lives.

Based on our complaint, OLX has removed advertisements from paper chasing scammers.

OLX's prompt response for complaint on Paper Chasing scammers

OLX's prompt response for complaint on Paper Chasing scammers

Quickr has removed such Scam posts and responded

Quickr has removed such Scam posts and responded



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One thought on “Anna University Paper Chasing Scam

  • Anonymous

    I was also scammed by these paper chasing frauds.

    One more thing I want to point out is that these fraud paper chasing agents use untraceable numbers. They use a fake address and fake ID proof to buy SIM cards from the cell phone company. It is almost impossible to track them.