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Coimbatore District Collector office (Tamil Nadu)

Contact Phone number : 0422-2301114
Contact Email Id :
Coimbatore District official website :

Current collector of coimbatore District : Mrs. Archana patnaik, I.A.S (As of 03-Mar-2013)

Coimbatore Collector Office address:
District Collector, Collectorate, Coimbatore Pincode 641018
Office No: 0422 2222230, 0422 2301114, 0422 2301115, 0422 2301116, 2301118,
Residence No: 0422 2213230, 0422 2216630
Fax No: 0422 2222630
Email Id :

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One thought on “Coimbatore Collector office (Tamil Nadu)

  • SA

    Madam, Nan somanur (coimbatore dt) la iruken. Enga vetuku nala thane pipe connection ku amount pay pane 1 year aguthu. 1 year ku tax vaguraga. ana ithu varaikum pipe potu tharula. naraya thadava panjayat office poitom. ana collector order varula vantha potu tharaguraga. pipe podamaye govt tax vaguraga. thane ku romba kasta padurom. panjayat office la response pana mateguraga. please help panuga.