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Find the collector offices in India and collector office, India contact address and collector office, India contact number.

Andhra pradesh Collector office Kerala Collector office Orissa Collector office Uttarpradesh Collector office
Bihar Collector office Maharastra Collector office Tamilnadu Collector office
Gujarat Collector office Meghalaya Collector office  Uttarakhand Collector office
Karnataka Collector office Mizoram Collector office  Uttaranchal Collector office

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One thought on “Collector offices in India and contact details

  • Mehbubkhan Pathan

    would you please contact me as one of my friend was involved in deception fraud in navsari district bilimora police station is aware of the fraud which happen on 20/July/2016 he was called by police to compromise the third party falls claim as 5 lakhs rupees where the police department did not show the curtseys to listen to him and find out the real fact. But he was order to make a payment of 2.5 lakhs . then he was release from police station. the person had a agreement copy of deed that he made a payment of 5 lakhs. on that deed the date shows 20/December/2014. my friend left the country on 11/December/2014. so how come did he sign that document.