Jharsuguda District Collector and District Magistrate office (Orissa) 1

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Jharsuguda District official website : http://Jharsuguda.nic.in/

Current District Collector & District Magistrate of Jharsuguda District : shri Parameswaran B IAS

Jharsuguda District Collector Office Contact details :

Office of the Collector and District Magistrate, Collectrate, Jharsuguda, PIN – 768204

Contact No Office: 06645-270070, Fax No: 06645-270868

Email Id : dm-Jharsuguda@nic.in


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Jharsuguda District Collector and District Magistrate office (Orissa), 3.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating

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One thought on “Jharsuguda District Collector and District Magistrate office (Orissa)

  • Sk Nizamuddin Ali,

    Esteemed Sir, I need your immediate help. From the very moment, I knew that the PET of our college had been appointed as the Center superintendent, I am very much worried, confused and scared. How can I deny exam duty ? But, how can I be compelled to work under an official subordinate, a below ranker? Why should not the culprit be exposed and punished? All such questions are buzzing in the mind from last 40 hours or so.
    The Principal I/c of our college, after two sittings of +2 council exam passed his Superintendentship to the PET who is a bachelor degree holder and a block grant employee, ignoring the rights of the Lecturers as the College is his ancestral property and he is the Zamindaar. And, as because the CS can not be one below the rank of a lecturer, he designated Mr PET as Lect. in Physical education and Yoga in his letter to the Controller of Exams. By doing so, the Principal has forged, misled the authority with wrong information, caused breach in peace in the environment of exams misusing power and humiliating the lecturers in cold blood. His irresponsible acts, conspiracy against others right, forgery ,disturbing a otherwise peaceful exam environment make him deserving for immediate arrest followed by his suspension .Also for passing on to us limitless psychological torture.
    Pray you to come in our rescue immediately and at least seize the office and powers of the Principal of P. S. Jr. College, Laikera before he might commit other more blunder.
    With regards, Sk Nizamuddin Ali, Lect in English,