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Kasaragod District Collector office (Kerala)

Contact Phone number : 0499 4256400
Contact Email Id : dckas@kerala.nic.in
kasaragod District official website :http://kasargod.nic.in/index_main.htm

Current collector of kasaragod District : Shri P.S. Muhammed Sagir

Kasaragod Collector Office address:
District Collector, Collectorate, Kasaragod, Kerala, Pincode 671121
Office No: 0499 4256400, Phone No: 0499 4255833, Phone No: 0499 4256600, Mobile No: 9447496600
Email Id : dckas@kerala.nic.in


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One thought on “Kasaragod Collector office (Kerala)

  • MUHAMED KUNHI.T.K.P, General Convenor, Trikarpur Kadappuram, Ward 4, Valiyaparamba grama panchayath

    Submitted to: Hon’ble District Collector, Kasaragod.

    Respected Sir,

    The Real Estate Mafias are purchasing large areas of lands in Valiyaparamba Panchayath. Last week one group from Thiruvananthapuram purchased 9 Acres for land adjacent to Ezhimala Naval Academy for about 4.5 Crores. The land owners are selling even the govt. land in the seashore and riverside along with their property. So many binami sales also reported this region. Some of these sales and purchases are to whiten their hidden revenue or black money. The poor common people of this village having are very much upset in these land deals. They fear that the continued residence in this region will be very difficult by the incoming of these real estate mafias and their groups. We suspect that some panchayath officials and village revenue authorities are having illegal link with these mafias, otherwise these kinds of deals will not happen especially in this present crisis of Indian Notes.

    Under such circumstances, I most respectfully request you to bestow your personal attention in this matter, direct for a thorough vigilance enquiry and take urgent measures including the punishments to the culprits.

    Thanking you,

    Yours faithfully,

    Muhamedkunhi. T.K.P,
    General Convenor,
    Trikarpur kadappuram vikasana samithi,
    Ward 4, Valiyaparamba panchayath.