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Indian Government has banned smoking in Public places since October 2008. But smoking in public places continue unabated in most public spaces of India.

Indian government has set up a nation wide toll free helpline number, which citizens can utilize to complain against violation of smoking ban in public places. More than 1600 violations have been reported on the help line from all over India till March 2009.

24×7 Public Smoking ban Complaint Number : 1800-110-456

Citizens should not be afraid to call this number to lodge complaints, since they keep the caller’s details anonymous (name and city will be noted just for record keeping).

Note the address of the place where the public smoking takes place and provide it to the toll free number. Since the number is toll free and 24×7 one call it during any time, day or night. The toll free number even works from mobile phones.

The calls are handled at Delhi and they will send a nodal officer from the state to enforce the ban and fine the violators. Additionally, since most states have banned sales of Gutka, complaints can also be made against shops that sell Gutka/pan at the same number.

As per the rules, Citizens can even go to a police station and file a complaint against the smoking ban violators, but the helpline is an easy and anonymous way to lodge complaints.

Fine for public smoking is Rs.200

(Public) Places where smoking is banned:

  • Tea/Juice/Snack Shops (places outside the tea shop is technically a public place even if it is a road, since it is an extension of the place of tea consumption)
  • Auditoriums
  • Cinemas
  • Hospitals
  • Public transport
    • Aircraft
    • Buses
    • Trains
    • Metros
    • Monorails
    • Taxis
  • And their related facilities
    • Airports
    • Bus stands/stations
    • Railway stations
  • Restaurants
  • Hotels
  • Bars
  • Pubs
  • Amusement centres
  • Offices (government and private)
  • Libraries
  • Courts
  • Post offices
  • Markets
  • Shopping malls
  • Canteens
  • Refreshment room
  • Banquet halls
  • Discothèques
  • Coffee houses
  • Educational institutions
  • Parks

Places where smoking is allowed:

  • Road
  • Inside one’s personal vehicle (cars)
  • Inside one’s home
  • Designated smoking zones at hotels etc

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19 thoughts on “Public Smoking ban violation helpline and complaint number

  • M k Akhtar Hussain

    I respect the law of India.
    But why the laws only for public ban of smoking ?
    why the government did’t “ban “the Companies how make
    “tobacco product-alcohol -gutka Products”
    Frist up all the government must ban these companies .then automatically 90% public will be clean with bad habits.
    So please “ban” the companies
    If the companies are legal means.
    why the government law only for public?

  • Sandeep

    This one is make sense, but how many are treating it as seriously, especially in trains that to those who are from north side. Even one police man also not even checking the passenger’s position in general compartment. They are getting these things like cigarette, guttka and vimal from workers those who are working in cattering services. Today I faced this issue in Telangana super fast express. I thought to take a snap of them those who are selling it and who are smoking in train seat only.

  • Shankar

    I respect the law of India.
    But why the laws only for public ban of smoking ?
    why the government did’t “ban “the Companies how make
    “tobacco product-alcohol -gutka Products”
    Frist up all the government must ban these companies .then automatically 90% public will be clean with bad habits.
    So please “ban” the companies
    If the companies are legal means.
    why the government law only for public?

    Please register the complaint for Smoking in public place at Bengaluru.
    Pooja Bakery, Ashwathnagar, Near Marathahalli Bridge bus stop, Bengaluru

  • Anirban Sarkar

    My flat is on the first floor and just underneath my flat is a office space where few people come to work. They smoke the whole day just outside their office and the smoke enters my flat entirely causing an unhealthy environment. What should I do as a resident to stop this ?

  • Anirban Sarkar

    I have a complaint against people smoking inside the premises of my building. It’s an apartment where eight flats r there. I stay on the first floor and the smoking takes place on the ground floor where the common passage is. I have warned since last 2 years but it seems to be of no use. Whenever they see me they hide it or throw it in the ground. I want strict action against it as it is affecting the health of my family.

  • Annonymous

    I am residing in bangalore, BTM Layout area. There is a shop next to my house, who sell cigarettes till 12.30am midnight and its a residential area, i need help wherr should i complaint about it?

  • MS Chowdhary

    Noida-Sec125, Infront of Amity University (Infront of Dell services building-Gate No.1)
    People are selling ciigarettes and gutkha openly. Sometimes related officials come for inspection but of no use.
    These illegal sellers hide for time being and continue selling these products everyday. There is no shop as such, but sell sitting on bricks and on a small wodden tables. Please take STRICT action on these and ensure that these illegal poison sellers are complete kicked away. Whenever I step out of the building, the atmosphere is as such filled with tobacco smoke – I agree it will still be there but could be controlled if its not available just outside the premises.
    You can call me for more details om 9999896786.

    Thank You!

  • Srinath

    I have been complete 4 times Since 3 months back about Complete against smoking in public and hospital place.. but not actioned. Sir Please don’t waste of public time ..

  • Srinath

    Complete Against Smoking in Public place. Please register the complaint. 10-4-6 ” SRI RAMA KIRANAM” General store . Vasavinagar, Vavilalapally , Town : karimnagar. District: karimnagar. State: Telangana. Pin Code : 505 001.

  • Sanjeev Sanju

    Hello, u people took a great decision and it’s clearly failed,but I will give u the information who r selling cigarettes in malur railway station circle,actually some days back ur people’s came and no smoking bored givens,then collect the money 200 for that 5rupees print so pls don’t compromise any where pls take it seriously and remove the name of cigarettes on the earth here in circle openly some people r selling those names r venkataswamy needs store Masthi road,bakeries,rajendra etc


    respected sir,

    i am running business in koramangala bda complex, my neighbor shop selling cigarette and gutka, so many people standing ad smoking cigarette i ask to go away from my shop place, but they don’t care openly smoking cigarette. please stop the selling the cigarette in commercial complex,

    thanking you,

  • Neetu

    80 dda janta flats south enclave dakshin puri near Dr Ambedkar nagar police station….

    There are lots of boys smoke and drink but no one complaint for all this bad habbits. I am not well so many time I told all the boys they cant hear me. No 1 against the boys .

    Please take necessary action.

  • B L Agarwal

    There are a shop selling cigarettes and 200 peoples are smoking daily in front of the shop. can you take action for the same.

  • Kisan Bhat

    Is there a law to ban smoke by burning leaves for heating hot water? My neighbours have started heating water in open area by stuffing half wet coconut leaves which give toxic fumes and surrounds the whole area and makes it very difficult to breathe. After complaining him several times, but he is adamant. He has a geyser as well as a gas connection but continues to heat water in open and fills the neighbourhood full of smoke. Any help or advice is appreciated.