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Vellore District Collector office (Tamil Nadu)

Contact Phone number : 0416 2252345
Contact Email Id :
Sivaganga District official website :

Current collector of Vellore District : Dr. R Nanthagopal I.A.S

Vellore Collector Office address:
District Collector,Vellore District Vellore Pincode 632009
Office No: 0416 2252345
Residence Phone No: 0416 2222000
Fax No: 0416 2253034
Residence Fax No: 0416 2228029
Email Id :


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Vellore Collector office (Tamil Nadu), 4.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating

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    sir,i living in the above oppsite plot iron,plastic waste bottle scrap yard functining.its giving lot of heavy noise,gas welding gas pollution.heavy vechile coming and going.we are aged peoples living area example my father 93 years myself62and my wife 60. 7am to 7pm heavy noise pollution.we are reporting all levels no respond even i applied two times in rti vellore collectore reply,my questine is family living area this type of industry run fully.2.what action i taken further.where i applied in my request for our solution pl. thanking you R.DINAKARAN


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